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Written by Rob Watkins   
Monday, 11 February 2013 03:00

BFMVtempercover'Temper Temper' is the hugely anticipated fourth studio release from Welsh metallers Bullet For My Valentine.


'Breaking Point' smacks this bitch of an album into action pretty wickedly with intensive heavy riffage and slightly bittersweet but infectious as hell vocal delivery of Matt Tuck all wrapped inside a wonderously smooth and crystal clear album production courtesy of Don Gilmore (returning after producing the band's 2010 album, 'Fever') with the mix sorted by noted engineer Chris Lord-Alge.


'Truth Hurts' offers up, as throughout the opus, thunderous beats and the almost long forgotten art of the classic heavy metal guitar lick, something Bullet have an extraordinary knack of nailing so positively to their particular cross, and of course brilliant musically intelligent vocal patterns and hook after muthafuckin' metal hook. Whilst on the important subject of hooks, the singles thus far preceding the release of this fine collection, the title track 'Temper Temper' and 'Riot', incorporate slaying six string attack biting scathing melodic vocal tones and choruses that'll mull inside your rocked bonce for many years to come; check out the latter mentioned tune especially, with some Axewound influence rubbing off and the most incredible choral hook, something now unfortunately rarely heard on the metal scene.


The level of songwriting and musicianship has progressed magnificently, especially on numbers such as 'P.O.W.' and 'Dirty Little Secret', a composition that nails it down in equal measures heaviness and slower grooves and another choral arrangement of overwhelming note, with some outstanding and unique axe attack from Michael Paget, thumping basslines of Jason James and tubthumping dynamics of Michael Thomas climaxing together as one throughout, killing it on 'Leech' and the slower, epic musical moments of 'Dead To The World', all tunes with the obvious inspiration and influence behind the band rising up for all to hear and adding to the overall equation of this modern day metal heavyweight classic.


'Tears Don`t Fall (Part 2)' follows the tune 'Tears Don`t Fall' off the group's debut release, 'The Poison', so an interesting continuation of the tale I suppose. The album is brought to its rip roaring conclusion with 'Livin' Life (On The Edge of A Knife)'.


Temper Temper.....Bring it On.




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