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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 03:33

misfitsdeadalive440Fourteen live songs culled from the post Danzig era of the legendary Jersey punks as they crank up proceedings and it's crash-bang-wallop, we're off and running. A decent production job of capturing these fiends with Mr Only's bass rumble sitting right on top of the mix. In fairness his voice comes across really well here, as songs like 'Land Of The Dead' will testify.


I'm not sure about canned applause - ala Guns N' Roses, 'Live Like A Suicide' - but they seem to be evident here (no doubt I'll be corrected if wrong, but please). Seeing the Misfits live is a beautiful thing and still to this day they most certainly offer value for money and crack on with song after monster song and batter the audience into submission. After about an hour, and fifty songs, they're gone - you've got to love it?


It would have been easy for Jerry Only to put together a best of live album but in fairness there are plenty of newer songs as well as some classics with the first seven tracks here coming off 'The Devil's Rain' album. Not being totally convinced by that latest studio opus I must admit live, with some grit and sweat, it's a different kettle of fish. Sure it's nice to hear the band knock out a new record of any description and 'Cold In Hell' followed by 'Dark Shadows' sounds great, as does a full throttle 'Death Ray' that's absolute pure noise-tastic. (I might have to revisit that studio album).


Into the home straight and a few of the more familiar tunes get an airing; 'American Psycho' sounds hellish followed by 'Dig Up Her Bones',  'Scream!' and the sing a long of 'Helena' before we get a Misfits cover of the Rocky Horror Show's 'Science Fiction / Double Feature' then with the blink of an eye we're ending this live extravaganza with the final waltz of 'Saturday Night'.


The third live offering from the Misfits bringing us bang up to date with their studio output. In fairness 'DeA.D. Alive' is a decent offering and manages to capture the band at their best and offers us fanboys the latest horror show of the band's catalogue wrapped in a superb piece of Misfits artwork. A no brainer for fans both old and new. As live bands go the Misfits still have what it takes and piss on most bands from a very great height.  


Keep on keeping on Mr Only, Respect the 'Fits \m/




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