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Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 12 February 2013 04:00

Immension - ArtworkHailing from the Steel City of Sheffield – a city we’ll forgive for foisting the pop shenanigans of Daft Leotard upon us, but will forgive for, two decades later, unleashing the awesome While She Sleeps into an unsuspecting Überverse – Immension have spent five years readying themselves to venture forth on the road to heavy metal glory.


And, I must admit, when I first cranked up the volume on the old death deck to give this self-released debut EP a listen, my initial reaction was “what in the name of fuck is this?” I don’t know what I was expecting, I wasn’t quite expecting… a young band that have taken the best elements of the current scene and melded it seamlessly with classic metal sensibilities, and to amazing effect!


‘Shadow Of Yourself’ shows a band that are very much aware of the NWOBHM roots which are embedded in their part of the world, with a twin guitar sound that would make Saxon proud and vocalist Jake Kearsley coming across like Klaus Meine after gargling several pints of broken glass. ‘Lost & Forgotten’ is a lot heavier and faster, referencing both classic garage thrash and the early days of metalcore (when the latter was actually relevant), with more blistering guitar work, from Kearsley and fellow founder member Tim Dolan.


The undoubted highlight, however, is closer ‘In Vain’: initially dark and brooding, it’s very much a slow builder, and again is founded firmly both in NWOBHM – particularly Diamond Head and Sweet Savage – and classic thrash (ironically, given the aforesaid references, there’s a very early Metallica feel to both the song and Kearsley’s vocal delivery). Again, the guitar work is highly impressive, as is the rhythm work (of Jonni Sowter and Hasan Ahmed, just to be fair and give all the four lads a shout out).


If I have to draw one comparison with Immension, I must admit that I’d have to be a bit selfish and draw parallels with the rising young titans of the Norn Iron scene, WarCrux, as both bands have a very similar sound and approach.


So, that brings me to the answer to my earlier question, about “what in the name of fuck is this?” The best damn debut I’ve heard so far this year.


You can catch Immension live on the following dates:


February 14th – South Sea, Sheffield

February 15th – Regent’s Bar, Barnsley

March 11th – The Polish Club, Barnsley

approved image lrg 2013March 15th – Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham

March 27th – Vintage Rockbar, Darlington


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