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Written by Mark Ashby   
Saturday, 16 February 2013 03:30

Le Reverie - Dark Symphony ArtworkOK, let’s get this straight… before the linguistic pedants out there get on their grammatical hobbyhorses and bombard the Uber Rock mailbox with links to ‘The Popular Dictionary Of Foreign Words (And To Spell Them Correctly)’, it is the band who have changed the genre of their French name – not us. (Coz weev bin too skool and no how two spell write, like.)


Having got that little clarification off our chests, I suppose we better get down to the business in hand! Which is judging whether or not this debut album from Los Angeles based female-fronted goth rockers Le Reverie (as they insist on misspelling it) is any good.


The straightforward and honest answer is that it is a reasonable example of the genre. As the album title suggests, it’s quite dark in both its lyrical content and its music, and also employs lots of (synthesised) symphonic backing. The songs are pretty standard fare, if a bit formulaic and predictable, the musical performances are equally capable and efficient: the rhythm section (drummer Roc Boyum and bassist Danielle De Cario) work well and underpin the harmonies and melodies with solid, if workmanlike, effectiveness, while guitarist Jeff Mallow produces some neat licks and riffs, and is not afraid to concentrate on the lower end of his sound to accentuate the album’s overall dense feel. Keyboardist ‘The Mysterious O.G.’ adds some nifty effects, while vocalist Allie Jorgen has an unusually deep voice, more than many of her contemporaries in the genre anyway – but this fits in well with the overall feel of the album. However, when she does moves into the upper part of her range, she produces some really beautiful, haunting moments, such as on the ballad ‘Ghost Of You’ (which is split over two parts) and the crunching title track.


So, grammatical criticisms aside, this is a passable debut and definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of gothic, symphonic metal.




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