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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 01 February 2013 03:05

snakes176It's grim up north or so I've been told but these five reprobates didn't get that memo. From the ashes of some pretty decent bands come Snakes In The Grass with this here free to download EP; yup, free!
Getting things under-way with a slow building stomper not a million miles from noisemeisters the Gallows, some doom-laden riffage building up from a whisper to a scream, 'Wolves And Snakes' is dark and full of menace and an intriguing introduction to the world of the snakes. Ash Corner claims to have "pissed off the devil" and by the sounds of it old Beelzebub will be best advised to steer well clear. Snakes In The Grass mean business and this is the proof.
In contrast 'Lost Boy' is bright and the sound of a band with the bit right between their teeth...and they are chomping. A great guitar lick that drives right to the chorus that's catchy as fuck and chant-along, "Lost Boy, Lost Boy." With only limited plays this is the stand out track on this debut EP.
Following the bright 'Lost Boy' Snakes In The Grass go straight for the throat with some Gregorian chanting and heavy rainfall as the avalanche of riffs drops down on 'Grim Up North'. Clearly not sponsored by the Northern Tourist Board and doing nothing for house prices north of Watford Snakes In The Grass turn in a monster of dark punk rock that leans towards the 'Ass Cobra' era Turbonegro. The theme is dark and grim but this smolders like a bad-ass relative of 'Ain't It Fun'. Grower? Make no mistake about it. By the way, it's not that grim up North surely? Also featuring a caustic rap rant from RoskrypZ. Punk Rock is alive and well in the North of England.
'Struck By Lightning' roars and is the heaviest track on offer here. Not as instant as the previous tracks but SITG might well be onto something here because they've managed to capture boundless energy and married it with attitude and aggression and most importantly tunes!
Well we've reached the end of this impressive debut EP and 'Rise Of The Wolf' takes us home. As the guitars chime and whispers filter through the darkness we're given another stab of hard and heavy punk rock that gives the listener another twist and turn down a dark alley and will go down a treat with 'Grey Britain' fans.
With plenty of variety this is a grand introduction into the world of Snakes In The Grass and you can grab a slice of the action because by clicking on the link you can find off their web page a link to download this exciting slab of music and judge for yourself. Now stay off the moors and stick to the roads there be snakes in the grass up north and they're venomous and on this evidence they have plenty of bite.approved image lrg 2013
You have been warned, now click away and get yourself some Free Rock 'n' Roll!  What's not to like?