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Written by Russ P   
Thursday, 07 February 2013 03:00

greatwhite-30yearsliveAmongst all the good cheer, streamers, well-wishers and champagne celebrations for this 30th anniversary landmark I'm afraid that I'm going to be the party-pooper. It's a tough, thankless job. I feel like Death himself. Not really happy about the job I'm about to do but…


It's true that one of the only abiding memories that I have of Great White is that their singer is named after the same breed as my friend's dog Rusty. Alas Rusty is no longer with us. Rather like Jack Russell on this album. Instead we have XYZ singer Terry Ilous fronting the band.


Terry actually does a good job on the album. He's a versatile singer - sounding a shade like Axl Rose on opener 'Desert Moon' and with the slower 'House Of Broken Love' his phrasing is more bluesy - more Robert Plant. He also has a lovely Spanish accent - what's not to like?


The big let down for me is the general production of the album. It's strange…it's well recorded…but it doesn't gel for me. There's no glue binding it together. Terry's vocals are clear and audible but too low in the mix all the same. The guitars are too loud, too dry, too fizzy and, at times, imperfectly performed - full marks for authenticity though. And it's this lack of cohesion that contributes to the lack of excitement, lack of power and my lack of involvement.


For all my lack of feeling for the band 'Save Your Love' is like a distant siren song - unfathomably familiar - and welcome for all that.


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