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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 03:30

CaptainCrimson-DancingMadlyBackwards-CoverSomething of a stoner bluesy rock based outfit, Captain Crimson are chalking off milestones as they go, and with this long player they've managed to tick the box marked “make an album”.


‘Dancing Madly Backwards’ is filled to the gills with loud guitars that groove and occasionally veer off into the jazz world.  'Lonely Devils Club' is something of a hotch potch introduction with it's heavy blues riff, yet the outro is definitely jazzy in a 70's kinds way.  They don't stop there though as with 'Mountain Of Sleep' they have a tune built around a heavy repetitive lick that had bands like Cream kicking up a shit storm way back in their heyday.


Perhaps one complaint about this genre of rock is its lack of variety and its tendency to find a good riff then use it to death.  I might harp on at times about the length of songs but most of the tracks on offer here cover similar ground for well over five minutes at a time, and with only one clocking in at less than 4:30 that rehashing of "the riff" tends to get diluted.  The playing is of course faultless and the overall sound they've captured is spot on but it is rather self indulgent.


'Don't Take Me For A Fool' opens with a blistering solo that would have had Big Brother And The Holding Company turn green with envy.  The mellower song is the best on offer so far and is well arranged and delivered with feeling that much comes across to the listener. 'Autumn' gets a good sweat on with it's mega groove, but by the time 'Wizards Bonnet' is underway I'm quickly losing interest feeling like I've heard it all before (on the same album to be precise).


Captain Crimson claim that their main aim is to have fun, and I'm sure as a player in the band shaking their shit it's a whole heap of fun, but doesn't anyone think of the listener anymore?


'Dancing Madly Backwards' is a musician’s album and serious musos will dig it, but for the the casual listeners out there you might well find it going over your head quite quickly even if it is well played.


For this particular genre of music the sound is spot on but I'd like to hear Captain Crimson cut the chaff and become a leaner beast, then they might well be onto something. Until then I'm gonna have to dance madly backwards out of here.!/pages/Captain-Crimson/188937917808644?fref=ts


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