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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 07 February 2013 03:30

terminal godsThis EP is the second offering from London based goth/rock outfit Terminal Gods who don't fuck about and lay their cards on the table right from the off.  


'Lessons In Fire' is straight from The Sisters Of Mercy, Mission, Bauhaus stable and there's nothing wrong with that in my book, it’s a source of inspiration that is much under used these days.  The song is certainly sharp and the production hits the nail on the head. Whilst it might be dark it's also catchy, and if goth did have a light side then this is it, from the drum machine to the Simon Hinkler guitar sound through to the deep yet spot on vocals from Robert Cowlin.


Sure comparisons are inevitable especially when you plum for a drum machine rather than a live drummer.  But had Mr Eldritch written 'Lessons In Fire' fans would be drooling all over it.


Next track up 'The Card Player' is a little looser but the melody is good - I like it and it's clear that someone in the Terminal Gods (if not all of them) have more than a passing admiration for some Berlin era Bowie. 


I think the right choice was made as to what the lead track should be but I'm down with the Terminal Gods, and there really isn't enough bands out there mixing it up within this genre/style these days.


I think it will be fitting when I file this disc next to my Sisterhood album and those early Sisters Of Mercy records and if I might add before I bring this review to a close the final track 'Constrictor' also has some of the more fiery elements of Joy Division going on, but all in all this EP is a damn sight better than a lot of new bands out there laying down tracks.


I really would love to hear what Terminal Gods come up with next - maybe a long player just to see what else they have in the locker. 




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