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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 18 February 2013 04:00

ironbirdAustralian hard rockin' mofos Ironbird certainly like to hit it hard on this five tracker, and opening track 'Deluded' is off soaring with a runaway riff, and in fairness they keep it short and sweet.  


Whilst these Queenslanders might not be the most original band out there they certainly know how to rock out in an early Motorhead sort of way. Sure they also name some sweet sweet bands as their influences, but the Ramones and Zeke aren't the first bands that would spring to mind seeing as you’re asking, and before anyone asks 'Sucker Punch' isn’t a smokin’ cover of The Wildhearts classic but instead it’s a rather run of the mill hard rockin' showdown with all guitars blazing. 


'Now We Ride' is more like it though as the boys go all meat and two veg no nonsense hard rock.  This tune has a decent melody and riff and to be perfectly honest I'm a liking this tune all bar the Maiden wah wah solo, which is something I could live without.


After the briefest acapella intro were back on it and chuggin' down the riffs like they’re going out of fashion as 'Power Surge' carries a good melody and rocks out in a very Four Horsemen way which is always a good sign.  


Maybe this EP is back to front as the best two tunes are definitely the last two excluding the orchestrated outro of 'Deluded Orchestral' which whilst very nice and soothing after a day of rockin out on the coalface it's totally uncalled for.  


More of the same please chaps, cheers!


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