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Written by Mark Taylor   
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 04:15

Beverley McClellanBeverly McClellan is a new name to us Limey's but across the pond, after plying her trade around the bars and clubs of Fort Lauderdale Florida USA, McClellan arose to prominence after appearing on the talent show The Voice.


Now before you Uber Rockers spit your Jack Daniels out in disgust, the Yankee's have a whole lot more true talent to chose from to appear on their shows not having to rely on some council estate yummy mummy looking for the sympathy vote. No sir, Beverly McClellan had already released five albums independently beforehand and can play ten instruments including the guitar, piano, french horn, mandolin, ukulele, djemba and has a great soulful voice, she can even blow her own trumpet.


Steve Vai was so impressed by the lass, that he signed her to the Favored Nations label and even got her to sing on 'John The Revalator' on 'The Story Of Light' album. Now before you think that because of Vai's backing that this album is full of widdly diddling then think again. This is a delightful piece of laid back jazzy blues that will please listeners of Bonnie Raitt, Etta James and Melissa Etheridge.


Looking at McClellan you'd think she could play the part of Millie Tant from Viz Magazine with her butch looks and openness about her lesbianism. She is also covered in tattoos representing her grandmother’s Native American heritage. But looks can be deceiving as this is an album full of welcoming and open honesty full of emotion that folk of all persuasions can relate to, and a positive little ride it is too.


The album has a polished production from David Z (Prince, Buddy Guy, Billy Idol) giving the finished product some clear clarity. The lyrics suit the mood of the music that varies throughout the album. My personal favourites are the funky 'Ain't Me', the up-tempo 'Love Will Find A Way', and the wanting open arms of 'Come To Me’. There's even a take on the ole Blind Willie Johnson chestnut 'Nobody's Fault But Mine'. The album has an easy flow that cries out for repeated listens, so pick yourself up the Tour Edition that's floating around as it features three nifty extra tracks including a Joni Mitchell cover in the shape of 'A Case Of You’. 


Beverly was supposed to support Steve Vai on his recant jaunt around the UK but unfortunately had to return home for private family matters, hopefully though McClellan will bring her jacksy back over here pronto because I’m sure these beautiful songs will take on a whole new meaning in the live setting.


To pick up your copy of 'Fear Nothing [Tour Edition]' - CLICK HERE