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Written by Dave Prince   
Monday, 04 February 2013 03:15

TasteNow, for me any "band" that consists of just two people is not a band... it’s a project. and Swedish band Taste consists of two brothers, who decided that Taste would become the main vehicle for their music. So guess what? To my ears at least their self titled debut sounds like a project rather than a fully-fledged band's album. Actually after just a few listens I even go as far to say it sounds like demos to me.


It is easy to see where the brothers are coming from as they wear their musical influences on their sleeves, with bands such as Europe, FM, Giant, Valentine and White Lion all shining through as influences, but sadly they have none of the aforementioned bands talent or song- writing ability.


Taste then comprises of the Borg brothers of which Christoffer plays guitar, bass and vocals, whilst Felix is the drummer. Fair enough I do have to give them credit for sticking to their guns with the ‘80s sound and feel of the album. But to me the album falls flat after the individual intros of the songs.


AOR Heaven has possible taken the band on when they are not ready for such a leap yet and I feel that given a year or two more in song development would do wonders for this project. Basically the brothers need to start from scratch and work on building a following the old fashioned way, by touring and playing for AOR fans.


Whilst this may feel like a damming review… it is not. There are the occasional sparks of something in each of these songs, but nothing that grabs me more than a minute or two. If I were forced to give a score for this CD I would give it a five out of ten, with a side note of - shows promise. 


So song of the album for me is easily ‘In My Arms (Tonight)’ which I can honestly say is the only song I vaguely remembered ten minutes after listening to the album twice (straight after each other). Although after ten spins of the album I can now say that ‘Our Dreams’ is another song that I hum to while listening to it. This is my main problem with the project, in so much that as demos they are pretty decent, but they are just not strong enough for a commercial release. 


If Christoffer and Felix got a band together and toured then I reckon AOR Heaven could be onto something special, but for now, this is not for me.




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