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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Monday, 04 February 2013 03:30

BlockheadsFirstly let’s clear up a few facts (well as far as I can gather anyway, as it’s rare you find a signed band with so little information about them readily available). Blockheads hail from Nancy in France, they’ve been going since 1992, this is their sixth full-length album and unlike their namesake backing band of Ian Dury, they play some of the most devastating crust-infused grindcore I have ever heard.


French grindcore may be as rare as rocking horse shit but I can assure you that Blockheads tick every box required when it comes to hard, fast-as-fuck blasting. Every now and then an album like Wormrot’s ‘Abuse’ or Insect Warfare’s ‘World Extermination’ comes along which totally floors you and ‘The World Is Dead’ certainly falls into that category.


Sporting 25 songs in 40 minutes it’s re-assuring to establish there’s no likelihood of power ballads right from the off. However this isn’t just a collection of sub 30 second aimless blasts. Blockheads have got a hugely powerful sound and whilst opener ’Already Slaves’ is over before you’ve had chance to settle yourself, second track ‘Deindividualised’ gives a hint of where this album’s strengths lie, with a weighty riff preceding the lightning pace of the main body of the song before giving way to a Massacre-like mid-section. Sure there’s out-and-out blasters on here; ‘Born Among Bastards’ and ‘Media Warfare’ being fine examples, but there are some truly crushing songs as well, like the crusty as fuck ‘Follow The Bombs’ or ‘Pro-Lifers,’ whose opening riff would easily have pride of place on a Stormcrow or Sanctum album. Lyrically as well the album is particularly strong, dealing with scathing observations of pretty much everything that’s fucked with the world, society and the scourge of humanity, which make the word "mankind" such an oxymoron.


Admittedly there’s not going to be much on here for the casual listener or anyone other than a real extreme noise aficionado but if you are that way inclined then ‘This World Is Dead’ is as good as it gets. It’s heavy, it’s blindingly fast and it gives you that feeling in your gut that something might get broken before the record’s finished.

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A future noise masterpiece, no doubt.


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