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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 01 February 2013 04:00

superchiefDes Moines, what's up? Get those boots on the monitor wedges and flick back those long locks because Superchiefs are in da house.  


On listening to the opening salvo of 'Corporate Dynamite' I felt compelled to big it up with such a bodacious intro. Sorry to say it might just roll downhill from here. 'Fear No Shield' is split into two parts, 'The Gateway' then 'The Stand Off' coming on like some right heavy bottom end mofos shaking their bloozy hard rock - Superchief are really testing my speakers' bottom end! Wading through ten fuckin' minutes of heavy as fuck blooze rock is a lot to ask, especially for an opening one-two on an album.  


Sure the playing sounds exceptional and the boys certainly know the ground that they tread and the delivery and production are spot on for this genre, but where is the sparkle? Where is that little something to raise the album above all else? The riffs are full bodied, just take the Sabbath heavy riffage of 'Odin Be Praised' - heavier than a bus full of fatties, but I'm left underwhelmed.


'Shovel In The Basement' might just have been written for me about my demise when the boys in the band get hold of me, but using a sub-Slayer riff and growling the lyrics leaves me cold.


The songs are pretty much all quite long (by that I mean five plus minutes, some six and seven) and they recycle a riff here and there, like the Zep riff and groove on 'They Call Me Nomad' which in fairness isn't a bad tune and the groove is fine but 'Cashmire' always was rich pickings.


The theme is pretty much consistent if nothing else; it's heavy as fuck and the riffs keep a coming right to the end. Saying that they did manage to keep the best til last because 'Destiny's Child' is the best of the lot by a country mile with just the right amount of grunt on the guitars and a good groove. Shame there weren't more like this.


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