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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 01 March 2010 07:59

the-shapes-we-fearThere's no doubt about it, Kent based alt rock band Motion Picture Soundtrack's debut album is not what you'd call your average Über Röcker's staple musical diet.  


Mixing slow and brooding epics with what 'they' term to be out and out crushing rock, the band, to this reviewer's ears at least, ends up sounding something like The Editors or possibly Interpol with Chris Martin singing for them.


Not a good start for most Über Röckers I know, but it's not all doom and gloom as from time to time like on album opener 'Make It Through The Night' and 'Mirrors' they do mange to evoke a sort of Jarle Bernhoft like charm to proceedings and conjure up visions of how great his old band once was. Whilst on 'I Clipped Your Wing' I can detect more than a little Mark Hollis (ex Talk Talk) in proceedings.


When things pick up tempo-wise, like on recent single 'Glass Figures' and 'Faults Of A Realist' you get visions of the four piece standing legs akimbo in some stadium or arena somewhere, it's just that no sooner than the pulse starts to race a bit and you think, yup this is OK, Motion Picture Soundtrack go and spoil it all by turning everything back down to a snail's pace like on 'Whiterooms' and 'We Don't Have To Think Like That'. 


I'm certainly no musical snob and I'll freely admit that 'The Shapes We Fear Are Of Our Own' is expertly produced by Paul Schroeder, Cenzo Townshend and Bob Ludwig, who collectively manage to perfectly capture the many textures of the Motion Picture Soundtrack sound. It's just that when their back catalogues include such balls of laughter as Radiohead, Bloc Party and The Verve you know this isn't going to be all shiny happy people party music.


With the mainstream music world full of the dour and drab filling the UK airwaves twenty-four seven, what it really doesn't need right now is yet another band playing that musical card.  Undoubtedly talented as a band of musicians, this album however grand, ultimately leaves me cold and emotionless. Sorry guys..."Next!!!!!!"