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Written by David Whistance   
Monday, 22 February 2010 20:02

Fashion_CoverThe expression "never judge a book by its cover" has never been so apt than when applied to the Chicago industrial/ metal band Fashion Bomb. After carefully studying the album sleeve for the band's second offering 'Visions Of The Lifted Veil', featuring the band along with their live guitarist and drummer (the suitably named Drone 1 and Drone 2 and each sporting Hannibal Lector style face masks), stood in a somewhat dystopian future landscape, the first thought that crossed my mind was "Oh here's another electronic/goth/ metal band in the vein of Deathstars" - thankfully I couldn't have been more wrong.


Ironically Fashion Bomb are probably as fashionable in today's current musical market as a Glitter Band tour t-shirt. So whilst Devildriver's Dez Fafara is desperately attempting to bury any incriminating evidence of his involvement in the scene known as Nu Metal, Fashion Bomb appear to have at least one foot still rooted firmly in that age of synth metal. It is however unfair to compare the band in totality to the once thriving style over substance metal scene as they have far more to offer musically.


'Visions Of The Lifted Veil' gets underway with the brief apocalyptic interlude of 'S=K Logw' and then the band tear into the full on rock opener that is 'The Meek' proving there is nothing submissive about this monster track.


There is one thing that Fashion Bomb do in abundance and that is write a catchy hook laden chorus, every song featured on the album being more infectious than a dose of Chlamydia at a Fresher's Ball. This is perfectly illustrated on 'Veil Of Megiddo' that features a wall of buzz driven guitars, along with thunderous bass and post apocalyptic drum beats yet retains a melodic edge that is as much Orgy as it is Slipknot with vocalist Val transforming from screaming banshee to melodic rock star quicker than a teenage emo in a knife draw.


I dare anybody not to be screaming "Sick, Fuck, Sick, Fuck" along with the contagious beast that is 'Sick One', turning even the most mild mannered thirty-something into a seditious teenager once again. The band get decidedly heavier on the drum fuelled number 'Technological Singularity' wearing their influences on their blackened sleeves. 'The World Will End With Us' meanwhile is what you would you get if you were to take White Zombie, Ministry and throw a touch of Depeche Mode into the equation,


If there is one track on this album that is going to set Fashion Bomb exploding onto the Metal catwalk then it is the band's awesome take on Tori Amos's classic 'Crucify'.


'Visions Of The Lifted Veil' on first listen, left me slightly perplexed as to its purpose in today's musical climate, but quickly won me over with its accessible and memorable songs. This is an album displaying diversity of the widest magnitude taking the listener from industrial style offerings such as 'The Stalker' to the radio friendly arena style sounds of 'The Vow'.


I suggest you give 'Visions Of The Lifted Veil' a listen for yourselves, I just hope it's not a decade too late.