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Written by Matt Phelps   
Monday, 22 February 2010 13:18

brokenteethvivacdRattlesnakes, whiskey and rock 'n' roll - Texas has 'em all! It also has Broken Teeth, the missing link between AC/DC and Aussie upstarts Airbourne. So pull on your boots, fill your glass and get ready for a quick fire lesson in lowdown and dirty Southern style rock 'n' roll and see just where Joel O'Keeffe and his hard rocking amigos learnt all their bad habits.


Jason McMaster, gravel voiced madman best known for fronting the Lone Star state's premier sleaze rocking outfit Dangerous Toys has also, for just over the last ten years, been kicking up the desert road dust with his band of grease monkey anger bandits Broken Teeth. 'Viva La Rock, Fantastico' is the fifth long player to come from Jason's Texan tearaways and the first to feature the current line up of McMaster (vocals), Bruce Rivers (drums), Brett McCormick (bass), Jared Tuten (guitar) and David Beeson (guitar).

With "play" pushed you're on the ropes immediately with 'Blackheart', 'Exploder', 'Spitting Nails' and 'Dressin' Up In Flames' delivering bone crunching punches of hard driving, sweaty, dirty edged sleaze rock/metal that'll leave your ear drums as black and blue as a dead panda, while the slower gears of 'Break The Spell' has all of Broken Teeth's ten boots stomping along to an AC/DC fuelled groove deeper than the Grand Canyon. 'Twister' is a cyclone of barbed wire guitar hooks and rolling thundering bass; easily the most accessible track on the album, it'll shake you to your foundations and leave the melody spinning in your head for days. Two new videos are already filmed and in the pipeline for 'Blackheart' and 'Twisted' so keep an eye out on for upcoming news on those.

'All Hail The Altar' and 'Get Outta Here Alive' accelerate the pace with some leanings towards Motorhead's speedy riffology before the Rhino Bucket influences come to the fore in 'Bullet'. Canadian problem child Danko Jones sticks his head through the sleazy saloon doors and throws down some grit spitting back up vocals on the breakneck paced title track and big balled groover 'Big Spender'. And 'Ride Upon Glory' gives a final high powered sprint across the finish line for an album that really shouldn't be sold to anyone who isn't wearing a crash helmet and a neck brace.

Running at just over 40 minutes 'Viva La Rock, Fantastico' is a swift, well placed kick in the musical balls of all the limp wristed pretty boy rock tart fakers currently blocking the airwaves with their retarded dirge (30 Seconds To Mars this means you!). Broken Teeth are what real, blood dripping, jaw cracking, rock 'n' fucking roll is all about. End of !!!

All hail the altar, of rock n roll

All hail the altar, keep the music evil