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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 19 February 2010 11:59

1aknockoutsYou know how there are some albums that you get that before you've taken the disc out of the slipcase or opened the booklet  you know you're going to like what you're about to hear, right?


It's like a sixth sense, a rock 'n' roll feeling, whatever you want to call it. Well, The Knockouts did that to me. I knew this was going to be an album that I was going to enjoy immensely and it didn't let me down - from the stand up bass and uber cool white Gretsch on the cover, I'd go as far as say, in fact, it was better than I imagined. 


One thing I love is the sound of an overdriven Gretsch hollow body and a stand up bass having the holy fuck slapped out of it - from the Stray Cats to The Living End, as different as they are they rock in their own ways. Welcome The Knockouts to that cool elite band of..well, bands.


Made up of three players with stand up bass and the Rolls Royce of electric guitars, these boys  hail from Sweden and it's nice to see they don't follow the crowd of guylinered sleaze dudes, instead dishing up a rockabilly, punk rockin' shit storm. Obvious comparisons will be drawn to other three piece line ups who use the same instruments, like the aforementioned The Stray Cats or The Living End - well, maybe if you look somewhere in between the sound of those two bands then you might find The Knockouts. With a little Reverend Horton Heat slung in for good measure and a twist of Mike Ness jamming with Rancid over a cover or two of the Backyard Babies. 


It's the real deal kids and songs like 'Chimneys Of Chemnitz' and 'Faith Avenue' prove that this band can stand on its own six feet and punch their own hole in a genre of music through the quality of the songwriting which just happens to shine through like an absolute huge fuck off diamond. I love this shit and with such a melting pot of influences, from the earliest of late 50's and 60's originals through to the punk of the 70's and a bit of AC/DC just for good measure, I can't see what's not to like. 


There is some great guitar picking on the Ness-ish 'Ever Been Hurt' which changes the pace of the music on offer and is a stark difference to the following number 'Another Second, Another Minute, Another Day' which sounds like a runaway train. 'Rotten & Obsessed' honks in with horns a plenty and with one foot in a Charlie Watts big band camp and the other in a punk rockin' brothel creeper ready to pogo, simply superb!


A dozen songs played with passion, craft, guts and authenticity - get hold of a copy and find out for yourself. I bet these guys kick up a sweaty riot live as well. I don't know, some bands eh?  Showing off - it's not always big or clever but The Knockouts flick a quiff at that and on this evidence they can show off all they like! From the opening bar of 'Heat For The Hunted' to the final refrain of 'Here's A Song', this album is an absolute joy!