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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 06 February 2010 22:52

master_plain_cover_big1It was something of a suprise to get this CD land on the mat at Über Röck's wild West office having never heard of The Master Plan. I sure as shit had heard of the bass player Andy Shernoff, seeing as he spanked the bass plank in New York punk rock legends The Dictators.


Oh, and a couple of Fleshtones thrown into the bargain as well, how cool is that?  Anyone who held a slot in such a legendary band as The Dictators deserves to be listened to so, without hesitation, on went the CD.


Having a line up where each member takes writing duties also means that they take turns in vocal duties; First up Keith Streng with 'BBQ'. This is a CD with some great melodies and a cool old school NYC punk rock style being the order of the day. '14th Street' is the second track and the first to feature Shernoff on vocal duties and sounding like a long lost Johnny Thunders track. What follows are some great songs with catchy choruses - hey, it's a synth free zone nor does it have the sound of a massive budget, just a dozen tracks played by guys who love rock 'n' roll and play it with heart and soul very much in the vein and spirit some of the best records did.


There is some great musicianship as well with dueling six string and distorted harmonica on the Ramones influenced 'Long Drive Home'. Song after song, my ears get gently caressed by some sweet old school riffage as it wafts past my finely tunes ears. It's rock 'n' roll people and it makes me happy to hear it played so well. "Feels So Good" sings Dave Faulkner on 'Feels Good To Feel' and boy he ain't wrong, but don't try saying that after leaping round your bedroom with the stereo on 11.

'Maximum Respect' is the title and it kind of sums up this band. Now rock 'n' roll horns up people, I give you The Master Plan!