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Written by David Prince   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 15:03

KD_Dtop_800x600Kicking off this seven track download album by Kenni DeNile, 'We Are The Young' tells you straight away what kind of musical journey (pun intended) we will being undertaking......yes, good time AOR is the order of the day and I'll have a side order of 'social conscience' lyrics.


The sound here is that of Tyketto and the vocals do remind me of Shotgun Symphony's Tracy White mixed with Danny Vaughn. The sound of the album is a little too clinical although for an independent release the production is crisp and clear. If Kenni worked with someone like Beau Hill/Desmond Child/Ritchie Zito we would be talking about an AOR Classic! However, the songs need only a little bit of tweaking and they would be great, as for now they are very good.


My only criticism is that it's too short... don't get me wrong I remember when albums usually only had eight or nine songs on there, but this is over way too quick. Kenni DeNile will be a name that I shall keep an eye out for in the future.


Having only checked out Kenni's website after I had listened to 'Dreamer' I was not surprised to see how he looked. Other critics may feel he has missed the AOR boat by a long time, although maybe the tide has turned and he will be first in line of something special.....Remember where you read the name, because in a few years you will be checking out reviews like this to try and understand why you passed up on Kenni Denile the first time around.......