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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 05:00

midnightbombersSan Francisco-based Midnight Bombers certainly like to rage! It's a far cry from the Frisco flower power of the '60s: just imagine Slayer had listened to more Black Flag than Judas Priest then you're probably not a million miles away from what these bad boys sound like; more Circle Jerks or Dead Kennedys than Saxon, that's for sure. 


Unlucky for some but 13 tracks nailed to this CD with a sledge hammer as well, I'd imagine. Tight as two Rizla papers this is a great sounding record and right from the off 'American Sex' sounds like it's totally pissed off: "Impulsively feasting, I couldn't stop eating" - way to go guys, fill yer boots I say. Brutal and bloodied for an opener, that's for sure. 'Submit To Abuse' is up next and it follows on with a nasty in yer grill riff that isn't about to break out into a piano middle eight, methinks. The subject matter is dark and so is the riff-a-rama but turn up the volume and this is brutal and the listener won't be able to stop their feet from twitching to the pounding drums.


'Six Degrees Of Penetration' will have the metal heads nodding to that brutal pound. I'd imagine a night out with the Midnight Bombers isn't going to be an Italian and a bottle of Lambrini but maybe a fist fight and a cheeky finger (if yer lucky) and a slice of pizza in some alley. 'Bedbug Attack' continues the assault with some old school punk forced into its two minutes. 'Krypto Justice' starts like it's going to be some wigged out prog opus but, before the blink of an eye, one of the album's strongest songs bursts out of the speakers giving Agnostic Front a run for their money.


Downright dirty, Midnight Bombers sure do paint a dark picture, but life isn't a box of chocolates sometimes it's a hammer to the eardrums and that's always worth. Loud and proud and most certainly in yer face. Nice!




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