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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 05:15

baldysplitWell how could one resist? Baldy is back and, with his two best charges in tow, it's time to unleash a six track 7" split. 


Now everyone should know by now that us Übers like nothing more than to keep things real and what better way to keep it real than with a 7" single and a split (again one of our favourite things). So when Baldy Long Hair got in touch it was a no brainer that I was going to be interested in this beauty.


One band having all the swagger and attitude of a vintage punk rock combo from the East Coast al a Dead Boys and Heartbreakers and the other have come up with something quite unique in the form of xylophone punk! I kid you not. This single is off the hook kids and has all the X factor and magic that I love about music.


One of the finds of 2011 for me was The Disconnects' EP which pretty much had everything that I love about rock 'n' roll going on and their spirit and song writing was something special, which was why it easily rolled into my top 20 of last year. We'll call the three tracks from those East coast punks Side A and, clocking in at an impressive six minutes, even the most challenged listener won't have much trouble getting their lug holes round these three songs. 'Wake Up Dead' takes off where 'Are Healthy' left off and that's at a frantic pace with a raw visceral guitar riff prodding you right in the face. 'Parasite' is again frantic and has me gasping for air with each virulent chord. Along with bands like Cyanide Pills these are at the top of their game right now and before this has even finished I can't wait for the next release to see what they can come up with...but let's not jump the gun. 'Parasite' is rifftastic as it hacks and slashes as the vocals get spat out with intent; quite simply sublime. Side A finishes with a lovely ditty entitled 'Destroyer' - not as rapid as the first two but it reminds me of when Gen X were at the top of their game. It's a joy to hear a band so full of vigour and good tunes: what a fantastic A side! Three more tip top tunes from The Disconnects.


Flip over to Side AA and those crazy mofos Crazy And The Brain are back with their fucked up xylophone driven punk rock, anti- folk, or whatever label you want to tag onto them. 'It's Alright' is out there people but in a crazy mixed up world it makes perfect sense with the frantic drumming and phat bass holding down the insanely groovy beat and that crazy lead instrument - a xylophone! By Jove it damned well works! 'New York City' is hypnotic from the vocals to the music. I keep saying it but I'm drawn to these cats and the whole package works and is so bloody addictive. Finishing up it's a perfect romp through 'Oh Oh I Love Her So' and had the Ramones done it like this it would have been a smash. Oh Oh I love it so!


Baldy has done it again and and the label with the best logo ever has knocked out a six track vinyl single that you should hunt down like your life depends on it. Why? Because it's top notch and worth a few bucks/pounds/euros of anyone's hard earned every day of the week. Quite simply brilliant! Two excellent bands on one sweet, sweet single. Buy it like now before they're all gone.