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Written by Johnny H   
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 05:00

GoatwhoreBy the tail end of last year I think it was safe to say that a fair few of us at URHQ (myself included) were frankly sick to death with the never-ending mass of down tuned open E chugging "metal" bands that we had the dubious pleasure of experiencing either live or on CD.  The open despair that would cross our faces when yet another singer with the obligatory sleeve of tattoos wiped their fringe from across their face before letting out a guttural roar whilst their band mates posed for the open string chugging breakdown was there for everyone to see, so much so we actually starting to think that we were coming down with heavy metal fatigue.


Anyway why am I telling you this?  Well in 2012 thank fuck that labels like Metal Blade still exist, because whilst the fashionable metal automatons are never going to go away anytime soon, this bastion of true metal has restored my faith in what heavy metal is really all about by bringing Goatwhore into my life.


This is what real heavy music has always been about for me - loud as hell guitars, played with passion, wrapped up in the "fuck you" attitude that I will take to my grave. Thankfully it would appear so will Sammy Duet (ex Acid Bath and Crowbar) and the rest of Goatwhore.


Having been in existence for something like fifteen years now the New Orleans quartet mix up their own brand of metal with hints of death, thrash and hardcore, and at 38 minutes long the ten tracks captured here on 'Blood For The Master' present you the listener with one of the most intense in your face heavy metal records you will hear this year.


Produced by long-time band cohort Erik Rutan, there's no time for pleasantries as the album opens with the heavyweight knock out punches of 'Collapse In Eternal Worth' and 'When Steel And Bone Meet.  The former setting things off at a lightning fast pace, (and is that just the slightest hint of a Celtic Frost/Kreator influence I detect?) before things then slow down slightly for a track which has more of modern day Motorhead type of feel about things albeit with Louis B. Falgoust II's leather coated larynx sounding like it's just had the band's logo etched into it in pyramid studs.  You can't get much more metal than this.


With song titles that read like an Arthouse DVD collection for manic depressives ('Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos' anyone?) I'm reliably informed that 'Blood For The Master' challenges god's legitimacy/authority while further exploring the ritual of death.  Whether it actually achieves this I'll leave it up to you to decide, but tracks like album closer 'My Name Is Frightful Amongst The Believers' and 'Judgment Of The Bleeding Crown' are amongst some of the most savage tunes you'll get in this genre. They certainly left me quaking in my brothel creepers.


I may be only just discovering Goatwhore with this their fifth album, but there is something so much more exciting and genuine about these guys than the hordes paraded around as the next big thing in metal, something much deeper than just an arm full of tattoos and a trendy haircut, because if you scratch the surface of 'Blood Of The Master' some fierce as fuck heavy metal awaits those brave enough to listen.


Thank you Metal Blade and thank you Goatwhore for restoring my faith in real heavy metal music, I raise a cloven hoof in salutation!




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