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Written by Nev Brooks   
Friday, 10 February 2012 05:00

One_Soul_ThrustWhere do I start with this one?  Well, way back in late 2010 I reviewed the debut One Soul Thrust album (entitled 1st) for this very site, and I have to say it completely broadsided me, to the extent that is saw me including it in my album of the year list for that year. While '1st' was a great all round first album including a duet with no less a voice than Glenn Hughes ('Go Home & Melt') the stand out for me was the voice of the band's very own lead singer, the wonderfully monikered Salem Jones.  She really was the real deal with power, emotion and soul all wrapped up in one package, almost like a female mirror image of the legendary Hughes in fact.


As a result, over the last year or so I have to admit I've followed what the band have been up to from kind of a fanboy perspective, noting in particular Ms Jones sharing a stage with one of my other all time heroes, Paul Rodgers on the last Bad Company tour of Canada. (With only Robert Plant now left out of all of my vocal heroes, I'm sure Salem must have some plans to involve him sometime soon???).  It's safe to say that as the band's profile has risen there have been some serious industry players taking an interest in One Soul Thrust, the latest being a guy called Michael Moore, (no not that one!!!!) who is credited as the co-discoverer of Stevie Ray Vaughan and for launching both Jackson's 'Thriller' and Ozzy's 'Bark at the Moon' albums.


So does 'Know One Knows' stand up to the hype and expectation set by their debut? "Fuck yeah", the band appears to have grown up somewhat, the production's sharper, and everyone seems more confident, and once again standing out front is that voice. In every decade there's a classic female vocalist, think Janis Joplin, think Ann Wilson think Geoff Tate (Oops, sorry to include him but there's definitely a hint of his style and sound going on with Salem) they all have voices that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, if you have any.


This is classic rock with a modern twist if you want to label it (personally I hate labels), but it's got more layers than that, hints of blues rock, straight down the line Aerosmith style, hints of early Doors and Heart, with a sound that's heading towards that commercial crossover area but then suddenly pulls away.  Here on 'Know One Knows' these influences are all updated and given a good shake before being re-applied.


Having to pick stand out tracks is always difficult on such a strong album, and they also seem to change every time I play it.  So for me right now it's probably 'We Gotta Change' (given away as a free download) plus 'Laughing All the Way To Heaven'.  However I'm also in love with their take on Heart's 'Magic Man' as I loved the original but this is actually an improvement, and before I forget 'Meaning To Life' and the album closer 'Symbols' where you get the full in your face vocal range of Salem are also colossal tracks.... See what I mean about it changing all the time.


According to the accompanying press blurb One Soul Thrust are "one of Canada's best kept secrets", well not for much longer they're not, as there's a lot of people taking note all over this great big fucked up planet of ours.  'Know One Knows' is recommended to all lovers of real classic rock music, go out an buy it, but don't download it as you need to own something material not virtual just like the old days.  'Know One Knows' is already an early contender for my album of the year list for 2012. Now let's 'Go Home & Melt' as the '1st' album standout track states, but into the new music of One Soul Thrust!