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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 06 February 2012 05:15

DESERT_SIN_-_Destination_Paradise_-_ArtworkThere is one major problem which plagues this sophomore effort from these melodic Austrian rockers - and it's one of the most godawful productions ever to ruin an otherwise perfectly good album.


The issue becomes obvious from the very beginning: the acoustic guitar intro of 'Awakening' is crystal clear but, suddenly, as the title track kicks in the volume plummets and everything becomes muddy: it's almost as if the band performed in one studio and all the microphones, etc., were set up in a different building, never mind a different room!


Struggling with the gain, treble and bass levels on the UR studio's own mixing equipment to get some sort of half decent sound, what we finally manage to discover is actually a half decent collection of nine songs lying somewhere between the pomposity of Iced Earth, the riffage of Helloween and the grandiosity of classic Queensryche, filled with crunching riffs, soaring solos and atmospheric keyboards.


Cutting through the muddy production (and once you scrape all the crap off, it's actually quite well mixed), the guitar of Stefan Entner drive the songs forward with power, and he's a competent player, with some great shredding on the likes of 'Kill The King' and 'Follow Me', and is ably support by the equally able rhythm section. Topping off the songs, and at times - such as the aforesaid pair of tracks and 'Would You Release Me?' - lifting them out of sheer mundanity are the impressive vocals of Sandro Holzer, who has one powerful set of lungs with a terrific range, very much in the Geoff Tate mould.


Standout track is 'The Seeds Of Destruction', which brings together all the band's various elements into a very impressive piece of powerful, melodic metal which would probably appeal to fans of both Queensryche and Rammstein alike.


Just a pity everything is ruined by the ten layers of crud and shite masquerading as a production.


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