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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 04:40

Suicide Bombers Idols artworkAfter a particularly dated opening speech, we're into the sleazy music for real.  Stradlin' a somewhat dated sound that harks back to sunset strip rather than Scandinavia, yet at times there is definitely a tip of the Stetson to Backyard Babies.  Sure, it's not in the slightest bit original soundwise, but it’s big riffs, big beats and loud solos with plenty of gang vocals and finger tapping.


They want to hear you scream folks as they strut their stuff.  Hailing from Oslo, its fairly formulaic hard rock with hooks aplenty and a tonne of energy put into their songs as they live out their rock n roll fantasies.


Maybe stepping out of time, these bad boys would have gone down a storm in the pre-grunge world; but, in the post-Noughties it must be a lot harder finding their niche in an industry that's constantly evolving and spitting out bands. But, unashamedly, Suicide Bombers hold their heads high and plough the lonely furrow on the riff-a-rama of songs like 'Next World War' or the more laid-back chugger that is 'Never Gonna Change’. Tthe production is sympathetic and the playing is faultless as they go through the sleazy gears.


'We Got Tonight' is an Angus-fuelled rocker, whilst 'Keep An Eye on You' is like prime time Ratt n Roll. 'Sex Star Icon' grinds out the licks whilst 'Waiting' leans towards some FM radio airplay. 'Just One Fuck' has a neat bass rumble, and I'm glad the band avoided the cliché of playing the big Ballard before the album closes… instead, its bookended with a short outro. 



I admire the band's unwavering belief in the style and swagger they exude, and the unwavering belief in what they do, and the fact they do it all on their terms and their terms only… and for that, they get a thumbs-up from me.


‘Suicide Idols’ is out now.


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