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Written by Mark Ashby   
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 04:00

Holophonics artworkAccording to Wikipedia, holophonics is “a binaural recording system created by Hugo Zuccarelli that is based on the claim that the human auditory system acts as an interferometer. It relies on phase variance, just like stereophonic sound. The sound characteristics of holophonics are most clearly heard through headphones, though they can be effectively demonstrated with two-channel stereo speakers, provided that they are phase-coherent. The word "holophonics" is related to "acoustic hologram.”


But, that’s enough of the scientific posturing… we’re all about rock ‘n’ roll, right? And the only aspect of holophonics role in our beloved artform that we’re interested in, at this particular moment in time, is this third album from a French alt-rock combo who take their name from thon Argentinian bloke’s discovery. And, according to both their offline and online bios, the only scientific theorem that the quintet is interested in is the equation that involves combining power and melody.


These are quantities that Holophonics possess aplenty, drawing as they do on a musical well that takes as much from the likes of Alter Bridge and Shinedown as it does the aquafer of Muse and Biffy Clyro. Now, I’ll admit – and regular readers will know – that I’m not a massive fan of any of these bands, but when music is done well it does possess an appeal all of its own, and ‘Fast Forward’ is an extremely well-honed and beautifully presented album, from the perfectly constructed songs through the taut performances through to the polished production, which accentuates every aspect of the album’s precise delivery.



I hadn’t heard Holophonics before this CD landed on URHQ’s doormat: apparently their first two albums were much more “metal tinted”, whereas they have gone for a more “organic” approach to this one. Now, I work in PR as my day job, but even I don’t understand that bullshit… all I know is that, in ‘Fast Forward’, Holophonics have produced a damn fine and extremely listenable hard rock album with plenty of worthy moments, such as the superb ‘Last Breathing’ and the midway coupling of ‘The Call’ and ‘In The Wild’, which easily could stand toe to toe with anything produced by any of the bands mentioned earlier.


There is also plenty of crunch: check out the ground and pound lead riff on ‘Cluster A’ or the groove metal vibe to ‘All Erasing’, which show that a band can punch hard but also possess plenty of subtlety within the same groove. I must admit that, when I first listened to ‘Fast Forward’, it was very much as background music and my initial reaction was “meh”: but, a couple of listens later it has grown on me, so much so that I’m away to sneak it onto Mrs A’s ‘phone, ‘cos I reckon she’ll love this one.


‘Fast Forward’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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