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Written by Mark Ashby   
Thursday, 08 February 2018 05:00

Counterpoint artworkI love it when a song hits you right in the chest, right from the off. No warning, no apology. It just whacks you with a defiant “take that muthafucka” attitude and impact.


That’s just what the opening track, ‘Leave It All Behind’ from this debut EP by this bunch of adopted Mancunians (they’re originally from just up the M62 in Scouseland) does, it’s bass line big and ballsy and its guitar riff hitting with the impact of a rogue comet.


Drawing very heavily on new wave metal acts from letlive to Deftones and Bullet For My Valentine, Counterpoint live up to their name with a mini-album filled with cascading riffs, punchy rhythms, snappy percussion and infuriately catchy (especially for someone who hates all this metalcore shite) melodies and choruses. ‘Honestly?...’ could quite easily stand toe to toe with any of the bands that pollute the so-called music TV channels, and probably beat most of them in a straightforward fist fight, while ‘Between You And Me’ has the right amount of snarl and spit to deliver it just above the nu-metal-meets-pop-punk dross that the mainstream media have been creaming their fake designed jeans over for the past few years. I can just see the covers of certain “music” magazines when they cop a load of this…



‘DownDownDown’ evokes the spirit of Linkin Park’s iconic debut, without the rapping, before its confrontational end section smacks you in the jaws with its spiteful defiance. The counterpoint (sic) of this EP, however, is the brilliant closer, ‘One Sided Conversation’, which features a Papa Roach-ish spoken intro before exploding like an Icelandic volcano and then ebbing and flowing with a rare ease.


All in all, a very accomplished and promising debut, showing once again why we do this shit…


‘If Not Now, When?’ is out tomorrow (Friday 9 February).


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