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Written by Allan Maxwell   
Thursday, 08 February 2018 04:20

Vantablack WarshipWhen you think of Canada, most people think of things like ice hockey, skiing, maple syrup, fishing and *cough* Nickelback. Other people, metalheads, think of Cancer Bats, Alexisonfire, Kittie and Anvil. Then there is a band from Montreal, Quebec. Vantablack Warship have just dropped their first full length album in the form of ‘Abrasive Pulmonic Speak’.


Guitarist Pat Gordon says of the album:


“The title of our album is a testimony to the harshness of our lyrics and music. They are pretty hardcore! But it also refers to the title track, which is based on the works of Henry Miller. He was expatriated for some of his earlier works that he put into print that at those times people never dared say out loud.  We are trying to channel that but from another an angle which is the stereotype that comes with metal music, which, quite frankly is tired. We have metalheads that are well into their 60s and 70s today. It’s annoying that people see us as a subculture when in fact we are a very legitimate culture.”


As the follow up to their 2015 self-titled EP, it only takes one look at the album artwork to know that you are about to be hit hard with eight face melting metal tracks. Vantablack Warship are a band consisting of members from well-known Montreal bands Arseniq33, Ghoulunatics, Brutal Chérie, Foreshadow, les Ekorchés and Buffalo Theory Mt. Coming from this back ground you can expect big things. Did it hold up to expectations? Well, yes… and no.



In true hardcore style they don’t waste any time. The eight tracks last just under 25 minutes and each have a blistering ferocity to them. First single from the EP is ‘Another Dead Rockstar’ and follows the typical hardcore format. Loud aggressive vocals, trashy drums and heavy down tuned guitars a plenty. The influences from fellow Canadian metal band Cancer Bats rips its way out this track. From this point the rest of the album sort of takes a lull. I’m not saying the rest of the album is a poor album: it is a good album, it just lacks that certain something that the lead track has. Give it a few listens though and you find yourself forgiving your initial thoughts and enjoying it.


If you’re looking for a new band to listen to because you’re getting a little fed up with the same stuff being released from the bigger names across the rock scene, then this is your chance to fly off the radar a little and find this self-released number. Although it’s not going to be the best metal album you are going to hear this year, it’s certainly not going to be the worst.


Vantablack Warship have definitely got the potential for grow as a band and perfect their sound and be a hard hitter in the hardcore scene. Fans of Gallows, Cancer Bats and Suicidal Tendencies will certainly not be disappointed with this collection of tracks that hit harder than a body check from the Montreal Canadiens defensive line, and at just under 25 minutes, even if you don’t like it, you’ve not exactly lost a lot of time.


‘Abrasive Pulmonic Speak’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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