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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 05 February 2018 04:00

TGTBATZ artworkSometimes only noisy, loud punk rock will do.  Hooray for TGTBATZ (for short) Now with two albums under their belt, and a compilation album as well, this is their ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ or Return Of The Jedi’ (however you want to stack up trilogies). Hailing from Norway, the band know exactly what it takes to raise your blood pressure, and do it using the medium of punk rock.


How about starting with an 'H Bomb' getting lobbed into your brain? Then the explosions begin.  Deathpunk is alive and kicking, and Zugly are leading the charge and making as much noise as possible doing so.  'H Bomb' has a spoken word breakdown, but the energy is there and so is the yapping dog snarling at your feet vocals, along with the gang vocals.  The band manages to maintain the fury of their live set in the studio, and 'Mindlessness' is the filth and the fury.


We ease back (a little) on the first single off the album, 'Vik Bak Meg Satan', that did well to divide the fanbase, with those who loved its hypnotic qualities and understated drive and those that couldn't take to it.  Love ‘em or loathe them you can't ignore them.  'I Lied About Being A Hardcore Man' is going toe to toe with your speakers and winning as it pounds away at your senses.  Just what the doctor ordered for the January blues - hardcore as fuck these boys and don't you forget it!


Laid out over 12 songs, might this be the masterpiece that 'Hadeland Hardcore' hinted at? Who knows… but I do know that this is up there with their best work so far.  'West Coast Exile' has harmonies and melody on the gang vocal, and is insane with rage as it rips like fuck on the verse. Zugly have hit their stride and are striding like Rod Stewart on the cover of ‘Atlantic Crossing’; like giants they walk amongst us, so it’s up to us folks to spread the word and get people who appreciate a lot of noise with rock ‘n’ roll to check out this 'Misanthropical House'.


I could go through the songs track by track, but I'd simply be repeating myself, because this is one after the other of top trump hardcore deathpunk, with 'WWID' or 'I Need A Place To Drink' setting the tone. This isn't about thinking; it’s about the energy and the guttural feeling that rock ‘n’ roll can have - and this has it in spades.  Maybe up there with Bronx for sheer attitude and energy: two very different albums but two very similar bands.  Both at the top of their game and with new albums that just rule.


Let's not pussyfoot around here: just go and buy it. You might hurt yourself on first listen: just stay away from sharp objects and fragile items, especially on the final offering, 'Going Nowhere Fast': it might just give you whiplash.  Brilliant, noisy, exciting - quality. 


‘Misanthropical House’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.

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