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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 06:00

eruptorssplitI'm a fan of split EPs and singles - more bang for your buck, you might say? Taking a chance on something a bit different at times is what it's all about, right? The Eruptors and Culo A Boca share 11 tracks of what can only be described as cheap, dirty garage punk rock and all this in just 25 minutes minutes. Bargain.

For my money, The Eruptors come out best with four tracks plus a well recorded 'live' track which showcases the back to basics, no frills, let's just play attitude they specialise in. This follows on from the Uber Rock approved album 'Seduce And Destroy' from the tail end of last year and they still sound 1000% Rock. 'Heart Burnin' and 'Worst Thing In My Life' are full on, no thrills, head down, give a fuck songs but when they go all trippy and semi-stoner on us with 'Set The Controls To Destroy' and 'Curse Of The Leprechaun' you realise that they're more talented than those first two songs would have you believe. All of a sudden, gone are the blind alleys they run up and they start turning corners and into a band that you need to listen too because you're really not sure where they're going to go next but wherever it is, you sure want to be there. Chase that up with a live song, 'One Minute Decision', and you've got a great little EP....


But then you get Culo A Boca too.

What can I say about Culo A Boca (which means Ass To Mouth in Spanish, linguist fans)? Complete fucking headcases would be one phrase. Comprising of two singers, one a tattooed blonde bombshell in zombie make-up, the other a crazy Mexican wrestler in spandex, they play basic American garage punk which sounds more mental yet attractive with each play. Imagine a dark American dive of a bar with only seven people in attendance and this lot playing songs titled 'Glory Hole', 'Dick In The Dirt' and 'Blow Up Doll Rape Victim (On The Side Of The Interstate)' with lyrics such as "I'm gonna shit in your mouth and duct tape it shut" (to which she seductively replies "ahhh yeh") and you'll get somewhere close to the mentality of this lot. Neither singer would be classed as particularly good but such is the intent and car-crash TV of it, you can't help but want to hear it again just to check if it was that bad/good. It's not big and it's not clever, it's just Culo A Boca.