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Written by Craggy   
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 05:30

blacksleep176Brimming with optimism, Black Sleep Of Kali's eight track album 'Our Slow Decay' opens with the impassioned words; "there is nothing to make it all better... there is no reprieve, no happily ever after", screamed over a slow grungy death-march whilst the drummer has a noisy fit in the background. Despite the heaviness of the riffs, complimented by the strained voice, the vocal harmonies on this song are somewhat reminiscent of a Simmons/Stanley partnership.


However, regardless of that cheerful subjective listening this is no ride on the Psycho Circus, and instead is a monorail journey through an orgy of rain-drenched funerals. This is not a criticism, as judging by the lyrical content and album title, that is much of what the band are planning on giving you. After the opening sermon of 'There is Nothing' the album picks up the pace in parts, whilst keeping - and also building on - the hectic actions of the driven tub-thumping. The dirty distorted guitars, the heavy drumming and the bellowing vocals offer up something between Kyuss and Black Sabbath.


'Eulogy' is one of the highlights of the album, mixing the Colorado band's love of noisy riffing-metal with some quality song writing, producing a piece which is at times almost anthem-like and a little out of keeping with the rest of the album. It also demonstrates the group's ability to write a catchy lyric and you'll find yourself singing along to "when my body is laid to rest" in no time.


The somewhat upbeat, macabre tones stick with the album to the end, and if you like your grunge-metal a little bit experimental, you are in for a treat here. If not, it makes no difference really as "we will all be forgotten in the end."