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Written by Nev Brooks   
Tuesday, 28 February 2017 04:30

Sly Persuaders coverFuck me! We’re only in February and the classics to be keep on coming… This little number just peels the paint from the walls, Opener ‘Wild For The Night’ just pins you back, coming across as the bastard son of Iggy Pop and Lux interior: what a noise! This is seriously good stuff.


It’s got that surf punk/psychedelic feel as we move on into ‘Love’ grounded in garage noise happy days. There’s a hint of a rockabilly underpinning to next up, ‘Steve McQueen’, but that garage noise just floors it. Next up ‘Hey Faustus’ probably sits in as one of my faves on the LP, as its got just about everything I look for in under four minutes: power, intensity and catchy as hell,. I have to say at this point how good the production is: the drum sound is something else. So who are these guys? Is one question? Where can I catch them live the next? Answer one is that Chris, Danny, Lee / and Alex are the band, and it looks like a London trip will be on the cards, sooner rather than later.


When you hear something this good you begin to wonder why hasn’t it dropped with a wider audience: UK tour anyone? I think this release highlights for me how great and vibrant the current music scene is. Thinking back the last release that hit me this hard was The Hands off Gretel LP ‘Burn The Beauty Queen’: what a double header that would be. If anything I think this just shades it.


Back to the tracks after that little drift… ‘Fool’ leads in with a great off beat drum sound before the almost Birthday Party overtones come through, the fuzzed up guitar doing everything it should to the senses.


‘TFD’ next up has a real staccato riff idling in the background and again there’s the hhost of Nick Cave leading the vocal line, before we drift into that surf punk/rockabilly riff that I’m beginning to look for. ‘Beyond The Rope’, after a slight acoustic lean, drops straight into a Cramps/Meteors bastardisation… happy days.



There isn’t one single filler on this LP: it’s flat out from beginning to end. From start to finish, the “fuck it let’s do this thing” attitude sits to the fore. You can pull a whole range of influences but ultimately what you have is something that acknowledges those influences, but deliver the sound in their own way. My LP of the year so far!


‘The Sly Persuaders’ is out now.


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