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Written by Ben Hughes   
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 04:00

Heavy Tiger - GlitterMan, Sweden sure keeps churning out kick ass bands. Heavy Tiger are one that hit my rock 'n' roll radar a couple of years back with the video for killer single 'Saigon Kiss'. Three teenage girls kicking out the jams in matching red jumpsuits with more attitude then men twice their age: yep Über Rock were sold and certain writers kept their eyes out for the release of debut long player also titled 'Saigon Kiss'.


Three years later and Über Rock’s favourite glam slam queens of noise, that's Maja Linn (guitars/vocals), Sara Frendin (bass) and Astrid Carsbring (drums), return with the highly anticipated follow up 'Glitter' and blimey what a return from the three-piece it is. 


Like Cherie Currie fronting The Hellacopters, opener 'I Go For The Cheap Ones' takes no prisoners. Low slung guitars and the sleaziest, raspiest female vocals since Joan Jett rock 'n' rolled her way into my teenage heart back in the early ‘80s. An urgent beat, proper good backing vocals and top notch production make this a killer opener. 


'Feline Feeling' makes me wanna dust off my Donnas CDs and also makes me realise how much I miss that band. But The Donnas were then and Heavy Tiger are very much here and now and it's clear that this band have taken things to another level. High energy rock 'n' roll with a ch-ch-cherry bomb delivery is the order of the day and every song is a blast from beginning to end.


'Shake Me' is an absolute killer of a tune, make no mistake, these girls sure know how to write a tune and deliver chorus after chorus.  'No Tears In Tokyo' and 'Catwalking' reminds me of the pop suss of the Josie & The Pussycats movie. Yes, I love that movie just as much as I love Lori Petty's 'Tank Girl', so shoot me, I love a slice of kitsch pop punk.  The likes of 'Catwalking' and 'The Only Way Is Up' especially, remind me of the long lost but never forgotten NY Loose, whether it's just the likeness of Maja's vocals to that of Brijette West or the fact that the songs are just so damn catchy, glunk as fuck!    


Favourite tracks? How about the über cool 'Downer And A Sunny Day' and 'Starshaped Badge And Gun Shy', the latter is easily my favourite song of the year right now, a glam shaped anthem you will be singing long after the last chords have faded. Maja's sexy,  gritty vocals sublime against the powerful bass and drum backbeat. You'll swear you have heard it before and whatever melodies Heavy Tiger have pilfered, good on em! They are the right ones.  Closer 'Devil May Care' produced incidentally by Hellacopters/Imperial State Electric legend Nicke Andersson, opens like 'Under My Wheels' and is a fully fledged glam stomper in the vein of The Sweet meets Hanoi, always a good place to be in my book.


'Glitter' is a sticky sweet, sugar buzz of an album that has shot its way straight into my heart. With just the right mix of punk attitude, pop suss and glam stomp that I desire in a record. Heavy Tiger have set the bar high for what bands need to deliver, expect to see this album riding high in the albums list at the end of the year. 


‘Glitter’ is released on Friday 24 March.




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