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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 02 February 2017 05:00

Wyldlife - OOYB artworkAlbum number three from Noo Yawk punk n rollers Wyldlife - and I'm here to tell you kids that these cats are here to duke it out for top spot in the sloppy cheeky punk rock n roll heavyweight championship of the world. 


I've been addicted for years, and have even had the chance to lament about previous songs to anyone that will listen. This album has been long overdue: for a while I wasn't even sure If Dave (Feldman) was stringing us all along about this third album - until I heard that Tuk Smith was having these boys around and producing them… so I knew it must be true. Has it been worth the wait I hear you cry?  What? Are you really thinking that of me? Of course it's worth the wait.  Released on the day that the US of A swore in a Chump to the White House and the rest of the world giggled whilst watching it unfold through our fingers: but this shit isn't funny, because all that kept the real news from being talked about right? Right!


This album is bursting with prime cuts: from top to bottom, every one is a bonafide killer tune.  Sure there are levels of greatness - 'Bandida' is the perfect accompaniment to something on the previous albums like 'Saturday Night' or 'City Of Inbreds'. I know I haven't had long to immerse myself in this bad boy, but I'm familiar enough with the band’s material and what they are about to know that, even after the first couple of spins, this is a real piece of magic.  'Teenage Heart' is the finest bits of The Plimsoles wrapped up in the heart beat of Joan Jett and blown out inside a huge Hubba Bubba bubble gum piece of power pop (as fine as it gets folks)


The first video off the record is for 'Contraband', and boy what a fistfight and a kick to the nuts that ball of fury is! From the drum roll and the Feldman scream to the bass throb, this is fuckin' all killer and not an ounce of filler. Now sing along kids "Contraband - I just cant get enough". Woohoo!  Dave told me recently that this rock and roll is 90 per cent cool shoes and ten per cent cool hair: and, on that basis folks - welcome to your new favourite band.



If the reckless rock and roll is too much for you how about some Noo Yawk cool in the shape of 'Suburban Fever', which has every ounce of what made cats like Richard Hell cool in the first place.  The rhythm is tight and the chops on the guitar are the best Verlaine or a Blondie could have mustered. Throw into that mix the finer points of Hanoi Rocks in the shape of 'Keepsake', that has some fine floor tom chops and guitar licks and fills that hold tight whilst the ringmaster that is Feldman holds court, and you can't get enough of his trash talk and stories: regardless of whether he's lived these lyrics or not, his delivery is captivating, as it is on 'Deadbeat', as the song drives right through your heart - and if you're not taken in by this then I'm worried for you.  This is prime time rocking and rolling.


What Wyldlife do isn't easy folks (damn right it isn't): it takes a God given amount of style to pull off rock and roll this good; it's not something you can practise - you either have it or you don't, and for my money Wyldlife have it in spades. How can you not fall for '120 Minutes' with its backbeat shuffle and killer melody: sure, we've been here before and its passing down the time honoured baton from generation to generation, but only the few can pull it off - I mean truly pull it off (all the greats I've already referenced, plus you can throw in underground greats like Star Spangles or The Boys). 


Damn these boys close out the record with a mighty fine slab of stomping glam rock in the shape of 'Get Loud'. It’ss like prime time shang-a-lang meets Lizzy: only a few have the authenticity, and Sam &Dave are a formidable writing partnership, of that I have no doubt. Forget Giuda or Faz Waltz: this is how to pull off that fat 70s foot on the monitor wedge stomping glam ‘n’ glitter.


I'd be failing in my job if I didn't recommend this album to you as the one you should most definitely be buying – or even stealing or borrowing.  It's got real songs about love and life; it's real honest and it's the link between what's gone before and wreaked of quality, and what should follow.


Wyldlife are out on your block so let ‘em in and get on board: it's the only way to kick off 2017 - you won't regret it. Now all you need is the shoes and haircut and you're on your way!


‘Out On Your Block’ is out now and can be bought HERE.