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Written by Nev Brooks   
Saturday, 20 February 2016 03:40

JetboneJetbone hail from Sundsvall, Sweden, were founded in December 2011, and wear their influences very firmly on their sleeves, this is seventies funky rock at its very best.


The record kicks in with an almost Peckham Cowboys vibe, albeit one grounded in Aerosmith, or maybe take it back further to The Stones back when they were funky and with a brass section to match…I love it! The track? “C’mon’. Next up is ‘Mixed Emotions’ and this could have come straight off ‘The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion’ outtakes, and as such its great stuff too.


This is very definitely rock of the classic kind and there’s an almost Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe to it as next up is ‘No Way Out’. ‘Working Hard For Your Money’ explores the Aerosmith ‘Same Old Song And Dance’ style arrangement and this is followed by the obligatory rock ballad that is ‘Woman’.


The piano driven ‘Everyone Needs Somebody To Love’ reminds me of so many classics, which is a shame in a way because it's a strong track on its own. And I think that this is my conundrum with this album, it is an absolute cracker, but every time I play it, I’m pulling it apart, and I keep finding myself saying “where did that come from?” or worse “I recognise this!”


You know sometimes you can wear your influences too close to the surface and rightly so, if that's what you feel the need to do, but personally I’m all for music changing with the times. These guys are superb musicians, have a cracking singer in Gurten Sjödin , but I just wish that they did things their way.   There’s a cracking groove to ‘Magical Ride’, it will sit well in any rock fan’s collection, but for me I think I’m already bored, it’s been done before, but this is purely down to my own warped taste in music.


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