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Written by Phil Cooper   
Wednesday, 03 February 2016 03:20

Temple Of LiesHailing from the Midlands, and returning with their second album ‘From Sand’, comes Temple Of Lies. The band first appeared on the rock radar in 2010 covering the length and breadth of the country delivering their sound to the general populace. Temple Of Lies then released their debut album ‘Monumental’ in 2013, an album which contained one of the greatest song titles with ‘If God Made Sandwiches’. In the few years since that release they have been honing their sound still further and after over-coming a number of line up changes they are once again ready to rock with this new album featuring a few reworked numbers from ‘Monumental’.


Kicking off ‘From Sand’ is ‘Rope’, one of the reworked tracks from their previous offering. With Sabbath like riffs and snarling guttural vocals, ‘Rope’ offers a great introduction into what is to come from the rest of the album. It’s clear that TOL are not afraid to take inspiration from Britain’s rich metal history and put their own twist on it.


For a four-piece outfit - featuring vocalist Si Shaw, guitarist Jon Scranney, bassist Simon Mitchell and drumer Alex Gamble - these guys certainly pack a weighty punch. Tapping into powerhouse style riffs coupled with a pummelling rhythm section with tracks such as ‘Bats’, ‘Crystal’ and ‘888’, Temple Of Lies have harnessed a sound that grabs hold of the listener from the opening bars of track one and doesn’t let up until the dying feed-back of final track ‘MoM’.


One of the many standout moments on this album, and the current single available via the band’s website, is ‘Riff Machine’. Right from the opening bars you get exactly what the title promises, a truly gut-punching guitar riff in the style of Clutch kicks things off and forms the basis for the track. Definitely a track that is set to be become a favourite at their live shows. It’s not all outright metal though, ‘Pure Alcohol’ throws in a hefty dose of foot stomping blues in terms of both music and lyrics.


Packed full of catchy, yet weighty, riffs and rhythms and with vocals that cut through the mix with menace, ‘From Sand’ is an excellent piece of work from Temple Of Minds. With plenty of nods towards heavy metal forerunners Black Sabbath and Deep Purple as well as echoes of Lawnmower Deth and Clutch, these guys are definitely going to be ones to catch live as well as on record.




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