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Written by Nick Russell   
Friday, 07 February 2014 03:20

thornwillcoverThornwill are a power metal band that originates from Hungary and have since relocated to London at the end of last year. ‘Requiem For A Fool’ is their third album in their 4 year existence.


There is absolutely no ambiguity as to what sort of music this bands plays – power metal! Opener ‘Struck By Lightning’ starts it off, kicking drums, sharp guitars and the very Euro sounding clear high vocals, just what you come to expect with your Euro metal bands! Next up is ‘Alone’ which starts off quite mid-paced before the mid section races off like a scalded whippet!


As the album continues, singer Álmos Gábor demonstrates what a good voice he has, the vocals soaring above the great playing from the rest of the band. They do remind me of Vicious Rumors in quite a few places, no bad reference in my book though.


Fourth song in is ‘I Am Hope’, now this is an interesting song, the music is fine but it’s the lyrics that raise an eyebrow! Not sure I’ve ever heard a song that includes the following words in it; wolf, hunter, horsefly(!!), spider, snake, ox, anthrax, world, nova, universe!! A bit strange!  


And as a whole, the lyrics aren’t quite a match for the musicianship. Another example; one song on any album with the words ‘steering wheel’ in it would be enough, they have two!! Secret Top Gear fans??


The title track redeems things with a great chorus and is the best song here. In fact there are 2 or 3 good choruses on the album as a whole.


Getting towards the end of the disc, they slow it down a bit with the acoustic guitars on ‘Open Your Eyes’, then ‘Destroy The Machines’ follows with the heaviest riff on the album. ‘Remember Me’ is the album’s ballad, the vocals being the highlight again. Last track ‘Cape Fortune’ finishes things off with galloping power metal returning.


With nods to Vicious Rumors, latter day Metal Church and a number of other Euro metal bands, they’ve made a good sounding power metal record. And that is the problem. It’s good but it doesn’t jump out of the crowd as a great power metal record. And considering one the elders of the scene, Iced Earth, have just released their eleventh album, they have work to do. Some better lyrics and get playing live across Europe, things could happen for them.


(Higher pitched than I could ever reach!) – METALLLLL!!!!!


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