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Written by Nev Brooks   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 03:20

LTTTime for a bit of psychobilly then. Happy days indeed after falling back in love with The Cramps over the last year, getting to see The Legendary Shack shakers live and narrowly missing out on The Creepshow owing to a prior music appointment, promoters really need to look at what else is on when they book a gig. It really has been a brothel creepered step back into my past for me. But you know sometimes it’s great to move back and reconnect with styles of music you put on the back burner especially with the glut of cracking new music also hitting our decks at Uber Rock on a daily basis.


For a bit of background The Long Tall Texans hail from Brighton and have been around the psychobilly/rockabilly scene since the release of their first LP ‘Sodbusters’ way back in 1987, and this is their first release since 2005’s ‘Adventures Of The Long Tall Texans’.


Listening to this new album, I can’t help but smile, in fact it made me smile almost as much as discovering ‘Songs Of Sadness, Misery And Abuse’ by The Surgens back last year. It also sits quite nicely alongside some old school Meteors or Demented Are Go that I still have within my collection.


I have to say it’s early in the year, but ‘The Devil Made Us Do It! Is definitely a contender for one’s Album Of The Year list. Right from the instrumental intro that is ‘Taxi’ I’m hit with that rockabilly vibe and by the time I hit ‘Kamikaze Killer’ I’m straight off the seat and into the imaginary mosh pit of my mind!!! The driving standup bass sets the tone, the guitar has that lovely surf punk feel to it and the vocals lead you fairly and squarely down the punk/psychobilly path. The grin factor then hits the roof with ‘Sex And Beer And Psychobilly’ and here I’m bouncing off the walls. The horror imagery comes to the fore on one of the stand out tracks of the album ‘I Fell In Love With A Zombie’, but my favourite has to be the Deliverance Hillbilly stylings of ‘What Part Of Fuck Off Don’t You Understand? I mean what a title!!! I can definitely pick up The Cramps in ‘I Used To Feel Funny’ and then the drums that kick in album closer ‘’Feels Like Ice’ really hammer home where the influences come from…. great stuff. Go out and buy this now, its stunning stuff, and back catalogue here I come,


If Uber Rock rated album out of 10 (which it doesn’t) this would have to be a 10/10.

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