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Written by Gaz E   
Monday, 28 January 2013 04:00

zenmotelcoverIt's taken me a while to put virtual pen to paper to write about 'We Want Your Blood', the third album from London punk 'n' rollers Zen Motel, but that's because it's been on the URHQ death decks so frequently that I've hardly had a chance to let it settle for long enough for me to finally get my thoughts across. And, as the band promises at least another full album and EP in 2013, I'm surprised that this long player is still the band's current release as I finally get my thoughts across on this hard-working, plaudit-deserving three-piece.


With Lee Wray (vocals/bass) and Daz Cole (vocals/guitar) now joined by drummer BJ, once given his own segment on the Italian version of The X-Factor after a suitably infamous appearance on the show, Zen Motel have, with 'We Want Your Blood', hit their creative peak thus far with an album that takes the best bits of influential bands well-versed in the ways of punk, glunk and sleaze and remoulded them into an impressive ball of tightly-wound awesome. Just like all our heroes did. Why tamper with a winning formula?


The artist formerly known as Chris Jagdhar (in his Tattooed Love Boys days, at least) contributes to three tracks here and nabbing a guest slot from CJ will immediately throw up a Wildhearts soundalike reference to more simplistic ears; simply put, there is much more to Zen Motel than that.


There's are definite Backyard Babies blood cells coursing through the veins of this band, and we're talking a prime 'Total 13' influence: check out 'The Pit' and 'I Will End This' for glorious proof. So you've had The Wildhearts and the BYBs, who else do you need me to mention to make you check out this band? Hate Gallery? 3 Colours Red? Bullets and Octane? I hear all of the above in this band, and in the slower 'Bone Deep In Trouble' all I hear is the kind of more subtle tune found on one of the great early albums from The Almighty. Fave track? 'Curse Of The Girlfiend' pushes all my B-movie horror buttons and dark glunk desires.


Reserve yourself a place at the Zen Motel - I get the feeling that once you're in then you're not gonna wanna leave.....