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Written by Rob Watkins   
Monday, 28 January 2013 02:30

biffy clyro album'Opposites' is the sixth studio album from Scottish alternative rock band Biffy Clyro, a double album originally intended as a pair of single album releases - named 'The Land at The End of Our Toes' and 'The Sand at The Core of Our Bones' - which have now become the titles of the individual discs, with each disc being the exact opposite vibe to the other lyrically, the one concerns looking at things in the worst possible way and the other looking at things more positively.


'The Land at The End of Our Toes' is wonderously born with the imaginative 'Different People' and proof instantly of the group's leap in their creation of songwriting and their musicianship in the 3 years plus gap since previous album 'Only Revolutions'. The intelligent craft of debut single 'Black Chandelier' mixes melody and harmonic, catchy commercialism so perfectly all within a rocking little package, while 'Sounds Like Balloons' is typical Biffy with its riffage originality and intense vocal performance.


The beautiful lyrical content of the slower paced 'Opposite' combine brilliantly alongside future crowd pleasing rock out tunes such as 'The Joke's On Us' or 'Little Hospitals', the track 'A Girl and His Cat', with its electro elements, or the diversity of the atmospheric trance of 'The Fog'. Disc One is completed admirably with another slower number, 'The Thaw', getting the absolute perfect balance with softer and harder rocking tunes overall on the collection and fitted neatly into the Clyro musical jigsaw. The deluxe edition ends with the awkward beauty of 'The Sand at The Core of Our Bones'.


'The Sand at The Core of Our Bones' itself opens with the infectious bump and groove of 'Stingin' Belle', a modern day Scottish anthem and rocking straight into 'Modern Magic Formula' and the spaghetti-fuelled 'Spanish Radio'. The possible second single release, 'Victory Over The Sun', exhales in its own epicness and, yet again, another memorable Biffy Clyro guitar lick. Add to that some hook-laden slices of alternative commerciality on 'Pocket' or the blues-tinged 'Trumpet or Tap', another moment of epic musical proportions, and more atmospheric sections for 'Skylight'.


Take a listen to 'Accident Without Emergency' for evidence, as if you needed it, as to the elevation on this dual collection of songs to the uppermost musical level for The Biff, and the infection, musically speaking, of the uber commercial album closers 'Woo Woo' and 'Picture a Knife Fight' - anthem after anthem that strengthens my faith in music originality and, as with the previous disc, the titles are swapped on the bonus track in the shape of the instrumental interlude that is 'The Land at The End of Our Toes' which concludes this magical musical masterpiece.


Songwriting finesse...."Mon The Biff!"


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