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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 03:00

black bullets coverThe Black Bullets are back in 2013 with not so much a bang but a great big hulkin' boot to the ear drums!


Without time to fuck about we get down and dirty with the lead track 'Thirteens' that has a grunt in the guitar and a huge bite in the hook.  With a clear grasp of what rocks and what rolls these boys are here to deliver hard rocking tunes not heard since the likes of Guns N' Roses were live like a suicide and not the bloated ego monster they became. This is a dirty mix of punk rock attitude and surefire catchy hard rock, as 'Thirteens' will testify.


'How High' has a great tempo and bitchin' dueling guitar licks and some cool-as backing gang vocals. The lyrics ask "how high?" and, well, obviously there has to be a measure of luck but if it were down to attitude (which this is absolutely dripping with) and playing then its only a matter of time before The Black Bullets get noticed and get a break. It's no nonsense hard rockin' mofo action that crosses genres and will have more than a few fists clenched and punching the air along to this.


'Untitled' has a harmonic guitar lick for its intro before breaking out old school as it's driven to the breakdown by a crisp and solid rhythm section that offers something different before the balls to the wall rocka 'My Priest' kicks in and rocks like a bastard with an awesome groove and is as tight as two rizlas, before the solo takes off and shows that these bad boys have the chops to punch a hole in the industry if they want too.


To close off this latest EP we have a radio edit of 'Too Loaded' from the self titled debut EP. With a clear production and enough dirt under those guitar pickin' fingers The Black Bullets mean business and this is the proof.  


So if you're looking for some excitement and great songs then it's here on a plate for you - just click on the link, buy it and wait for them to come tapproved image lrg 2013o a town near you to rock the shit out of you. It's been longer than 25 years since hard rock sounded so dangerous and exciting - don't say you haven't been warned. Ladies and gentlemen, The Black Fucking Bullets!