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Written by Jo Hayes   
Monday, 28 January 2013 03:30

cityofashescoverCity Of Ashes are a quartet originating from the self-proclaimed “Sunshine Coast”, the home of the blue rinse, and where the zimmer frame is the main form of transport – Eastbourne.


To describe this five track EP in one word, I would have to say Emo. Fans of the likes of Thursday and Funeral For A Friend would lap this up.


Opening track 'Falling Star' starts off with a palm-muted melody, with the opening vocals sounding typically pained, but sounds like a crowd pleaser, with nearly anthemic choruses. Teenagers or adult emo fans may relate.


'Beggars and Thieves' picks up the pace, interspersing screaming (a touch of Screamo perhaps?) with a fast guitar riff in the verse, and the usual nearly anthemic chorus.


'The Highest Point Of Living' is a standard ballad to have on a release, well written, again very poetic, but too depressing for my liking. Drums don't appear on this, which is a pity, if this lead into a chugging guitar riff, and drums that might make me nearly deaf, I might listen again.


'A Calm Like Lethargy' has some Post-Hardcore touches, but the spoken word piece in the middle of the song is too much.


The lyrics throughout this EP are very poetic, but I can't help get annoyed with Emo songs, with the usual constant broken heart....sod it, broken soul, shattered dreams, teenage angst (without the angst). This is coming from someone who's heard it all before, but if this is your thing, make up your own mind.


To pick up your copy of 'Then There Was a Hand in the Darkness' - CLICK HERE