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Written by Jo Hayes   
Thursday, 31 January 2013 03:30

goodnightwednesdaycoverThis is the first full length from these American Pop-Punkers. They live up to their influences of MxPx and God (much like MxpX too).


I can't fault the music, which is punchy and catchy, and I admire bands which sing about what they believe in, however I have two pet-hates in music, one being Screamo and the other is Christian Rock (due to the fact most Christian Rock sucks). I broke rule number one – don't read the press sheet prior to listening to a band.


Saying that, I'll try to review this release based on its sound, rather than letting the band's life choice get in the way (the latter would warrant me deserving damnation to “hell” by the next preacher I pass in the street).


The opening track 'Prologue' is solely guitar and vocals, and the lyrics tell a story of a ruined, materialistic nation, which claims to be free, this leads on well to 'New World Odor'. I did think this track was spelt wrong, or could potentially be the opposite to 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', but is a fast paced punk-pop song, with a driving drumbeat, and crunchy guitars.


'Let's Kill Our Kids' sounds similar to The Living End, with near angsty vocals, a prominent bass line, and a bit of lead thrown in for good measure. The rest of the album runs a similar theme, with 'Twilight In America' being a stand out track on the album.


To sum it up, if I ignore the Christian influenced lyrics, this is actually a release I could listen to again music wise. However, I'd feel like I'd have to feel guilty for the way I live my life (rock 'n' roll, minus any Satanism might I add). So based on the fact I can't connect with the lyrics, I can't see Goodnight Wednesday becoming my new favourite band, but I wouldn't say to avoid them either. If you like slightly heavier Punk-Pop check them out.


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