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Written by Rob Watkins   
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 03:30

Daylight RobberyHailing from the UK’s legendary hotbed of heavy rock ‘n` roll… Birmingham. Daylight Robbery have re-released their debut album ‘Cross Your Heart’ for 2013 and it is a record very much in a heavy melodic rock vein with influences from the likes of Tyketto, Journey and Europe.


Opening up in typical fashion with title track `Cross Your Heart` with its melodic chugging guitar riffage and harmonic vocal patterns not unlike a young Tony Mills lead Shy this gives the opus a rather decent beginning indeed, ‘Shame On You’ bounces onwards in a similar vein and tempo although it could be said this track is marred by a slightly weak production, which when considering the studio efforts usually put into these type of releases comes as something of a unwelcome surprise, but having said this it still remains well above average


`The Perfect Storm` is another tune that mixes keyboards and guitars beneath the strong vocal performance of Tony Nicholl, but as to whether this formula will make an indentation into the melodic market then my answer at this stage would have to be "close but no cigar." There’s certainly the epic feel required in the creation of these particular types of songs, and this is quite evident on `While You Were Sleeping` and `Crossing The Great Divide`. The latter I suppose a piano ballad of sorts although for me both these tracks lack that essential killer hook that every memorable rock hit or ballad should possesses.


A particularly well crafted attempt at commerciality is evidenced on `Real Love Is The Answer` another 80`s inspired anthem, and a catchy track that ticks all the melodic boxes. `Reunite` and `She’s Got Me Understood` again can’t be faulted for their musical creativity, but they come across with a slightly dated approach and ultimately show far too much influence from others rather than Daylight Robbery originality. '1000 Points Of Light` and `Line Of Fire` meanwhile bring this collection to it’s conclusion in a spirited fashion.


So worth a listen if you dig your A.O.R… but only if you dig your A.O.R.


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