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Written by Mark Ashby   
Friday, 25 January 2013 03:30

Black Sheriff - Night Terrors ArtworkDromore is a largely unremarkable small town just outside the ever-so-slightly bigger city of Lisburn, known to many merely as a former stopping off point on the road between the Norn Iron capital of Belfast and its suvern neighbour Dublin. So, what’s the connection between this relative backwater and the industrial titan that is historic Cologne?


Well, the answer is one Glen Ravioli, born and brought up in the former and now resident in the latter, where he is known as both a popular DJ and – more importantly – the cowboy-hatted, Gibson-toting, JD-swigging frontman of one of the most under-rated pure punk ‘n’ roll outfits in the whole of Europe, Black Sheriff.


‘Night Terrors’ once again (it’s the band’s third album) proves that there most definitely no BS about this particular BS, as it evokes the spirit of Thin Lizzy, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motorhead, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones all in one glorious package: the most obvious latter day reference point is perhaps Nashville Pussy.


This is riotous, rambunctious punked-up bad boy boogie from start to finish, from the catchy opening of ‘Turn Me On’ through the delightfully irreverent singalong of ‘AC/DC Sunday’ and the middle-finger-throwing attitude of ‘Crucify’ (which reminds me very much of The Almighty) to the brilliantly chaotic ‘Last Night’, the acerbic scene-attacking kick in the balls of ‘Starmageddon’, the foot-stomping southern boogie brawler ‘Now That You’re Gone’ (complete with its Zeppelin-esque outro) and the rebel-rousing ‘Need A Drink’ – the latter being my personal favourite track, with ‘Be Your Man’ running it a close second.


By the time the uproarious closer ‘Drink And Get High’ winds things down, all too soon, you want need any further incentive to do just that… with ‘Night Terrors’ as the soundtrack to your personal armageddon, of course.


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