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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 04:00

suicidebombersLooking like all your nightmares rolled into one, Suicide Bombers roam the streets of Oslo wanting to resurrect the bleeding corpse of rock 'n' roll with their brand of Norwegian sleaze.


The intro describing their mission and introducing the band will make you instantly realise that although a very serious band, they have their tongues firmly placed in their cheeks whilst their boots stand firm in sex, drugs and rock and roll. It may give off that Steel Panther vibe but these guys are deadly serious about fucking your mum and girlfriend and the songs have the bite and nastiness to deliver their promise rather than the parody that now stands with others.


'Let's Rock 'n' Roll' opens it up and you'll be excited by the ex Trashcan Darlings smutty RnR delivery. 'Easy Access' hits you Bang! between the eyes and as you chant along at the top of your voice, you'll realise that smut, humour and rock just belong together - when it's done right, you can't help but love it (more than a whiff of Mike Monroe fills the air during these 4 minutes) and the guitar work is gritty and sleazy all at the same time. 'Napalm Heart' continues the sound of a surprisingly good album and with 'Smoke & Mirrors' - another quality track that is the nearest you'll be getting to a ballad - you really start to realise that these guys can deliver the goods.


'High On Explosives' (what does that even mean?) ups the heaviness yet remains a definitive Suicide Bombers track with great riffs galore. 'Bombers En Vogue' and 'Electric Fire' keep the tempo high and you can smell the lipstick, beer and smoke of the night before wafting through your speakers such is the great creative output they've managed to lay down on this album. 'Teenage Breakdown' is a touch lighter, more radio friendly but still a decent enough song, whilst 'Cindy' and 'Princess Socialite' keep the quality level at HIGH.


This album caught me by surprise - it really is a shock to hear how good this band of reprobates is. The Sleaze Fuhrer, The Sex-Gunslinger, The Bitch Commander and The Outlaw Groover need to follow this up with rabid intent and get their leather clad asses out of Norway and into our lives.


As they would say.................. over and motherfucking out!


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