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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 04:00

twinkleandtheslutscoverOne of the best press blurbs I've read in ages no question, but can Twinkle and her Sluts deliver the goods where it really matters? Well, things get off to a very "bedroom demo" like start with the lead track 'Renegade'; whilst the song itself is passable the recording and production leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, I have nothing against lo-fi but the point is spectacularly missed here which is a shame as the song is alright and, after scanning the press blurb, I was expecting soooo much more.


'Drag Me To Hell' is up next and in fairness the mix is much better and it helps the listener with a decent buzz-saw riff and some smouldering vocals from... um... Twinkle! In fact the overall song is a massive improvement on the opener. Track three, 'Sleaze', is suitably sleazy from the bass run and lyrics - this is more like it - as it smoulders to the bridge and chorus; easily the best song on this here EP.


'Narcissism' is another smouldering tune and fits the Siouxsie and the Banshees comparisons that are alluded to in the band's influences albeit a bit heavier than the Banshees ever were, but it's a step in the right direction.


To close off the EP I thought I was going to get a twisted slutty version of the Lords classic but alas my feelings were spared as 'Russian Roulette' is an original tune with a slow moody intro that speeds up considerably for the chorus, but I can't help feel if the band had handed over the recording to someone who could get the best out of the music they would be onto a winner...


It's always a tricky business when you produce your own recordings and maybe a guiding hand is the way forward for Twinkle And The Sluts to get the best out of them because the sound is "bedroom demo" at best and it's holding them back because the songs on the whole are alright.


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