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Written by Nev Brooks   
Saturday, 19 January 2013 03:30

nulldBI have to say I have had this album for longer than usual, you see prog metal symphonies based on the end of the world are not really my thing, especially when sung in German! And when you read the literal translation of Endzeit you’ll see what I mean. Strange thing is though it's a Christian end of the world we’re talking about here not Mayan so what’s this all about Alfie?


Well as you go through the track listing, you realise our final days are going to happen in a hail of Red Rain (‘Roter Regen’) leaving us Deaf Dumb and Blind (‘Taub, Blind, Stumm”’ and it’s all down to us opening the mythical Pandora’s Box (‘Buchse der Pandora’). In other words no matter how you look at it, it will be all our own fault! At least I hope that's what they’re singing about, (and please excuse my perhaps dodgy Google translation).


That's the storyline but what does the music sound like? Being the end of the world I would have expected power, intensity, aggression, a slow build perhaps before I’m battered into submission and explode in a shower of light. Sorry but that just didn’t happen.


The album to me is more Iron Maiden does end of the world, safe, metal by numbers style, inclusive of finding your own way to freedom ‘Freiheit’. To be honest this did absolutely nothing for me, possibly because it’s sung entirely in German, possibly because its too formulaic, possibly because ultimately its crap!


I’m really really sorry to say it but it's the sort of album that needs to be a German only release, I’m sure I’m missing some sort of point, even if they might be subtexting the German takeover of the European banking system due to ruthless efficiency within the album’s storyline. But that's also what this LP is - efficient, it does nothing new or different but won’t offend anyone while doing it.


I’m sure there are plenty of teenagers in the homeland who absolutely love this band so they’ll lose no sleep over this review.




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