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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 18 January 2013 03:30

lustkillers coverBefore 2012 was finished and the end of the world didn't happen after all; Adam Becvare and his Lustkillers were finally back to unleash a wonderful slab of dark glunk rock on us all.  


In the dark of night this slick slab of tuneage will steal your soul but I have to talk about the elephant in the room before I get on with the music.  Yup of course Adam stood in for Stiv in The Lords Of The New Church and it's obvious why. He has the attitude and above all the vocal delivery that if you were to close your eyes for a tune or two you'd swear that Stiv had actually taken over his soul in some sort of Exorcist way and sung these here tunes. The resemblance at times is uncanny and in one way a compliment to Adam, but then what's a guy to do, it's not like there is anything he can do about it is there? And knowing that Stiv was a massive influence then take the comparisons as a compliment because “this album seriously rocks!”


Right, onto the music. We get underway With the full throttle of 'Not At All' and man I've got goosebumps when the bass kicks in with the drums, “this shit is the bomb”, as the cool kids say! 'Revenge' the lead single off the album is up next and it’s another killer tune too.  A fantastic start to any album and The Lustkillers are in fine form having honed their skills to produce a great menacing sounding record, and we've barely scratched the surface.


'Do I Love You' is a brooding monster of a track that just builds from a slow stomp.  In direct contrast next up 'She Trap' is a flurry of riffs that just rocks and fuckin' rolls from the great Lords-esque floor tom workout through to the chorus and its gang vocals, a great tune. 'Strange Days' meanwhile is swept along on a neat pop melody right to the chorus and beyond.


We're not even at the halfway point in a fourteen song album and thus far it's certainly a case of all killer and no filler 'Helpless' is more of the same with a massive sounding overdriven guitar and punchy bassline being carried triumphantly on a cool melody, it’s not a million miles from one of Adams other former bands The Black Halos. 


'Thin Red Line' begins with that throbbing bass that bands like The 69 Eyes used to be love using and 'Monkey House' gets it's groove on with a smart guitar lick that takes us to the bridge which has me thinking about Faster Pussycat come the second album - and that's a compliment let me tell you.


We've hit the home straight and possibly my favourite track jumps out my speakers in the shape of 'Cut You Down'. In all it's a pretty traditional rock and rolla but I just love those guitar breaks and the funky good time drumming, and you just can't help but do the hand clap along to this beauty.  


To finish ‘That Which Does Not Kill Us...’ off you have 'A Tribute To Jim Carroll' and it’s a mighty fine way of signing off a spooktacular album.  An album that keeps on giving and one that should find it's way into any self respecting glunk aficionado’s collection.  

approved image lrg 2013 

It's a no brainer people just simply buy it it's worth shelling out for. 


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