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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 04:00

rickyc02London boys Ricky C Quartet come sprinting out of the blocks all tooled up like there's gonna be some action with this self titled release, and they certainly have the tunes to accompany them - so this might get messy.


Releasing a nice short sharp poke in the earhole in the shape of eight tracks on this their début self titled platter of garage fused punk rock. 'Small Species' leaves the listener in no doubt regarding exactly what the band are all about.  Spiky attitude drippin' punk rock! Nothing more and certainly nothing less.


The formula is timeless - throbbing bass, mean fast guitar work, one singer and a tub thumper who's gonna' give his kit a right seeing to, and if that's your bag then hop onboard because Ricky C Quartet have the pedigree and tunes to satisfy.


'Tonight' is like early UK Subs with a catchy chorus, chant-a-long backing vocals and some handclaps thrown in for good measure makes for a good song.  


To finish off side one 'I Can't Get Over You' is well, more of the same really.  It's got great energy and is punk as fuck!  I guess the real place to catch these songs and get what they’re really about though is LIVE!!!!!!


Side two kicks off with the best tune so far, and borrowing from the likes of The Clash is no bad thing, and the riff is catchy as hell. 'The Quartet' is groovy and in yer face, and head and shoulders the best song on offer here with another great chorus and backing vocals to die for. The riff isn't a million miles from something Zodiac Mindwarp had a lot of success with back in the day, but this is far more authentic and well - better. 'Psycho Girlfriend' again, is rapid and has a neat bass line plus a chorus you too can shout-a-long to! 


As I mentioned earlier Ricky C Quartet aren't reinventing the wheel here and simply go for the time honoured approach of writing good solid punk rock tunes.  It's a good sound plan and on this evidence it certainly works. Short, sharp and certainly to the point.  


Released on vinyl this also comes with a download code for those without a turntable. Or if you are a heathen you can just buy the download via the links below.


To pick up your copy of 'The Ricky C Quartet' - CLICK HERE